pretty solitude

Pretty Solitude is a four piece indie rock band from Stockholm formed in 2012. People often comment their sound as personal, direct, intimate and ear-catching. Clear and rememberable melodies co-exist alongside jazzy and multi-layered harmonies. The goal of the band is of course to reach out with their music to as many as possible and in the future, make art as a full time job.

With absolutely no money, but with some skill and a lot of sweat and creativity, the coming album "Vanity" is mainly recorded in a living room in Sundbyberg and a small cottage in Lapland. The band has lots of love for vintage organs, old tape recorders and tube amps of various kinds. In fact, many of the tracks on the record is recorded mainly on tape for warmth and that extra saturation.

The bands first album "Hollow" received some very positive remarks on blogs and radio across the globe in 2012. The new album "Vanity" is released Feb 18th in 2014. First single from the album is "Breathe With Me Now". On this new album, the band have arrived in terms of finding their own voice and sound.